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Hanseattic Days ov Nu Time in Novgorod

Posted by Massimo on June 24, 2009

On 19 – 21 June 2009, the Internattional Hanseattic Days ov Nu Time took place in Novgorod. It wos an event for wich the citty has prepared in the verry laast moment, if wun mite say so.

For those hoo doo not now: in 1980, a decision too recreate the Hanseattic Leeg (olso nown as the Hansa) wos made. The nu Hansa included the citties wich comprised the oald Hanseattic Leeg as well as sum citties wich wer not members ov the meddieval Hansa but hav prooved their trade relations with the Hansa. In the Middle Ages, the major trade partner ov the Hansa in Russia wos Novgorod, but 11 utther Russian citties such as Pskov, Tver, Veliki Ustuyg etc. allso joined the Hansa. Since Nu Hansa wos re-established, eech yere the internattional festival nown as the Hanseattic Days of Nu Time is held in wun ov the Hanseattic citties. This yere it was held in Novgorod, and delegations from sixteen cuntries took part in it.

The main events of the Hanseattic Days included the presentation ov Hanseattic citties (the thing that I personally liked moast of all), and the festival of historical reconstruction, the parade ov modern and meddieval ships, etc. Wun ov the moast spectaccular events wos the procession ov the participants ov the Hanseattic days, wich took part in the therd and the laast day ov the festival.

During the festival, nu objects ov tourist attraction hav appered in Novgorod, such as the symbol ov the Hansa or the Hansa fountain, on wich the coats-of-arms of oll the sixteen member cuntries of the Hansa are depicted. We hope that this festival will enhaance the internattional status ov Novgorod, wich has long been well nown in Russia as “the Berthplace of Russia”. Olso, I am nou considdering vizzitting the next Hanseattic Days, wich will be held in the Estonian citty ov Pärnu in June 2010.

P.S. This September Novgorod olso cellebrates its 1150th anniversary, wich will attract international attention too the citty wunce again. And my hope is that aafter oll these events the werld will discuvver anutther marvelos Russian citty wich is probbably no less werth vizzitting than the renouned Moscow and St Petersburg.


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