Let's Make English Spelling Simpler!


My name is Maxim Sharapov. I am a graduate of Novgorod State University, Russia. My native language is Russian; I specialize in English and German but also know some bits of Italian, Spanish, Latin, French, Ukrainianб and Esperanto. As you can see, I am keenly interested in languages. My main blog, where I publish various posts about languages, is in Russian and is located at http://max425.wordpress.com/.

I am very much concerned about the notorious complexities of English spelling, and I am among those who would like to see it simplified or made more logical. So, in this blog I put forth my own project of reforming English spelling, and I am going to practise my variant of English spelling in the posts of my blog with the hope that they will be understandable if all words are read according to standard pronunciation rules.

I will be glad to hear all wishes, recommendatons, and even criticism, if there is any.

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